Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer/Fall Schedule

Not really a schedule, but some things to think about and projects to work on.

Ideally, I'd like to work on roving or alternating projects. Perhaps the only way to work on some of these things would be to arrange to teach or attend a workshop, like a woven/felted scarf class.

It's hard to keep some of these activities going without a deadline to shoot for.


Woodblock Exchanges:

sent/arrived Printsy -- Seasons -- Aug. 1 -- 16, Size: 8.10" or smaller, $12 for packaging and shipping.

sent/arrived Baren #37 -- Voyages -- Aug. 1 -- 32 -- Image size: no restriction, SASE
Paper size:chuban 10 x 7.5 inches (25.5 x 19cm)
Paper type: no restriction

sent/arrived SWNS08 -- Canterbury Tales -- Aug. 1 -- Paper size: 7.5 x 11 inches -- 30-35, $10

Printing experiments to try:

multi-block prints -- same image, multi-blocks (a la Moku Hanga)
-- different images, multi-blocks (a la Marissa)
-- paleo-multi-blocks -- background block, different paleo-critter blocks

experiments with ink -- dry pigment (mix w/ alcohol first, then water) and rice paste ink (a la Moku Hanga)
-- water-mixed oil paints (adding water, turp, etc.)
-- color dispersions (concentrated color)

done carve a device block, so I can use the icon for lj, etc. Also so I can have a device block. ;-p Something vaguely medieval with clover, baabaa, etc.

device block, with laurel wreath aspects

remember to carve it backwards!

in color

steampunk element -- titanium arm on someone, perhaps airship captain
more steampunk blocks -- paleo-steampunk?

Print Studio -- Organize and get up and running

Weaving, Spinning, Sewing:

Woven Shibori
Natural Dyeing
Woven/felted scarves
Woven/beaded necklaces
Needle-woven tapestries
Knit socks
Kumihimo (awards chords)
color and weave mixs (green/blue color change)
new kimono from fleece, starry sheet

Steampunk gears & garb:

tiny gears as sequins, fringe on woven items

punch the center posts out of gears with a hammer and wood
-- alternately, use an awl and punch them out

time travel medallion to wear on a ribbon for Loscon

-- incorporate an actual watch into the mix so I can tell time; ;-j

--findings at the bead source;

pith helmet w/ silky veil; kimono jacket; cargo pants; leggings; sandals; mary janes (ordered from llbean); long gored skirt, ruffles; high-necked white blouse w/ ruffles

kimono jacket:


anachron traveler -- anachroneer -- with an anachronometer 8-]

a business/visiting card!

stripey socks.


Front yard garden -- coming along with allisum, lavendar, etc.
Back yard garden -- hey, at least the crepe myrtle is blooming (just add water)
Back yard make-over -- maybe next year ;-y
-- patio; sod; fountain
Roses -- always a possibility

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